Litmus has released its 2018 State Of Email report. Here is a summary of the trends and findings.

Email is as an essential business marketing tool, and a most valuable asset for any business. An email list represents permission from subscribers to communicate and engage with the directly. Here are some highlights from the 2018 State Of Email report.


  • 15 billion email opens in 2017
  • Apple’s iOS Mail app remains Number 1 (but dropped five percent in 2017)
  • Samsung Mail is #6
  • Gmail desktop email client market share grew six percent in 2017
  • Mobile Opens dipped in 2017

Email Client Market Share

Calculated from 934 million opens tracked by Litmus Email Analytics in February 2018

  • Apple iPhone 26% 26%
  • Gmail 23% 23%
  • Apple iPad 12% 12%
  • Apple Mail 8% 8%
  • Outlook 7% 7%
  • Samsung Mail 5% 5%
  • 4% 4%
  • Google Android 3% 3%
  • Yahoo! Mail 2% 2%
  • Windows Live Mail 1% 1%

Key Takeaways & Action Items

Email Client Changes Affect Your Customer User Experience & Brand Reputation
Email clients drop and add support for critical email features and coding standards without warning. These changes affect how your email looks to your subscribers, their user experience, and ultimately their perception of your brand. A regular and thorough email coding quality assurance and testing process will help you prevent costly errors and ensure a consistently awesome brand experience for your subscribers.

Subscriber Engagement Is Crucial
Inbox providers are spotlighting and making it easier for your subscribers to unsubscribe and opt-out of email they don’t want. Your job is to make your emails so relevant and valuable to your subscribers that they ignore any inbox provider prompts to opt-out.

Global Privacy Laws Are Changing Your Relationship With Your Subscribers
Even if your business is not based in the European Union (EU), you could be affected by new EU rules that govern data transparency and privacy if you have email subscribers in the EU. Studying these and other regulations will help you stay on the right side of the law and avoid hefty fines.

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