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Business Hosting

Two Flavors Of Superior Performance, Stability, & Security

Business hosting is available in two flavors:

1. Flawless Hosting with Managed Security, Automated Backups, SSD Storage, Rapid Site Creation, and a proven recipe of business features pre-installed.

2. Custom Hosting adds Customizable Environment Configurations, Multi-Dev, Platform Integrations, Command Line Interface, Performance Monitoring, Global CDN, and DevOps for risk-free ongoing development.

Flawless Hosting Features


The world’s most widely used web server.

MariaDB and MySQL

Fast, scalable, reliable, and robust databases.


Speeds up API calls, database calls, and page rendering.


A super-fast and super-efficient web server.


A revolutionary programming language that powers nearly 82 percent of websites.


Advanced PHP caching that boosts server speed and performance up to 300%.

Varnish Cache

Boosts performance of HTTP processing for media rich websites.

Dedicated Environment

Each site has dedicated resources; CPU, RAM, Storage, and an IP.

SSD Storge

Supports blazing fast read-write requests.

Platform Level Firewalls

Sophisticated firewall protection, with managed security and continuous monitoring.

Backup & Restore

Sites are backed up daily and available for rapid restore.

Custom Hosting Features

Command Line Interface

Access complete platform functionality from the command line.


Identical Dev, Test, and Live sites connected by version control.

Global CDN

Sites are distributed over a global network of servers to keep page loads fast and security airtight.

Launch Check

Find out in seconds if your site is ready to launch.

Managed HTTPS

SSL/TLS certificates are issued free and updated automatically.

Managed Security

Secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, least-privilege user access, and more.


Easily create feature branches for all your sites.

Platform Integrations

GitHub, CircleCI, Slack, Jira — Integrate with tools you know.

Performance Monitoring

A free New Relic Pro plan, gives you code-level visibility into your site’s performance.

Smooth Scaling

Scale to millions of pageviews without affecting performance.

SSH & SFTP Access

Upload and manage files via SSH and SFTP.


A world class team of WordPress developers is available to help.

Go Flawless!

Get a Flawless Website.

Flawless Websites are perfect for site owners and developers who want a business website that comes with managed business grade hosting, essential features pre-installed, and flexibility to meet custom requirements.

Flawless Hosting

Awesome and affordable business hosting. Includes a Flawless website with business features pre-installed. Ready-to-go in minutes.


Paid Yearly

Custom Hosting

We’ve curated a recipe of business features that include:

Professional Services

Expertise Delivered Flawlessly.

The Pain: You get a hosting plan with a WordPress site, and then you’re on your own. We know which plugin features work best, and won’t cause conflicts. We’ve curated a proven recipe of business features that comes pre-installed on every Flawless Website.


Events & Event Registration

Appointment Bookings

List Opt-In Promotion

Email Marketing Integration

Social Media Shares & Follows

SPAM Protection

Search Engine Optimization


We do self-managed WordPress® websites for businesses, with business features pre-configured.

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