Flawless Email Marketing

Stop paying for how many contacts you have.

Pay for what you send.

(75¢ per thousand emails)

Send up to 1,000 emails per month for free. Create a free account now.

Here’s how to estimate how much you’ll pay each month. Say you have 500 emails, and you plan to send a series of 5 “Sale Announcement” emails (1 email each day for 5 days). 500 x 5 = 2,500 emails sent. You pay $1.88 (75¢ per thousand emails sent). And the savings grow as you grow.

# Emails Sent
(Per Month)
Flawless Marketing Send In Blue Mailchimp Campaign Monitor Constant Contact
Up to 1,000 Free $25.00 $20.99 $29.00 $45.00
2,000 $1.50 $25.00 $30.99 $29.00 $45.00
3,000 $2.25 $25.00 $52.99 $49.00 $65.00
4,000 $3.00 $25.00 $52.99 $49.00 $65.00
5,000 $3.75 $25.00 $52.99 $49.00 $65.00
10,000 $7.50 $25.00 $135.99 $49.00 $95.00
20,000 $15.00 $39.00 $170.00 $199.00 $225.00
30,000 $22.50 $54.00 $230.00 $299.00 $295.00
40,000 $30.00 $54.00 $260.00 $299.00 $335.00
50,000 $37.50 $69.00 $270.00 $299.00 $335.00
60,000 $45.00 $69.00 $430.00
70,000 $52.50 $99.00 $430.00
80,000 $60.00 $99.00 $540.00
90,000 $67.50 $99.00 $540.00
100,000 $75.00 $99.00 $540.00


A hosted email sending service with best-in-class features, low pay for what you send pricing, and available professional services. We call it Flawless Email Marketing.


View results of sent campaigns and autoresponders in beautifully formatted reports. Track opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and countries with charts & data. Export segments of subscribers from reports for re-targeting.


Automate your marketing by setting up a series of emails in drip campaigns to automagically follow up with your subscribers at time intervals you set. Schedule emails to send annually or send one-off emails on a specific date. Keep your subscribers engaged and your brand at the top of their mind.


Sending relevant and contextual emails to targeted segments can increase email engagement and sales revenue by more than 25%. Easily create list segments based on conditions you define. Include or exclude segments and/or lists in your email campaigns for optimal results.

List & Subscriber Management

Mass import/delete subscribers. Create custom fields. Setup single/double opt-in. Create a custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page. Setup list welcome/good bye emails. Add contacts via subscribe forms or API.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to store more information about your subscribers. Use them custom field data to segment and personalize your emails.

Bounce, Complaint & Unsubscribe Handling

Keep your lists clean effortlessly. Bounces, complaints and unsubscribes are handled automatically in real time when an email is sent. There is no need for manual post campaign cleanups.


Import email addresses of people into the suppression list so they will never accidentally be re-imported or sent another email from you again. You can also block entire domains from signing up to your lists.

Custom Domain

Send emails from your custom domain. Unsubscribe, web version and trackable links will all use your domain. Recipients will recognize who your emails are from, resulting in lower complaint and unsubscribe rates.


Easily cleanup unconfirmed email addresses and emails that have never read or engaged with your emails. View and remove them from your list(s) with a single button click.

Other Features

  • Templates
  • Personalization Tags
  • Email Attachments
  • Subscription Forms

  • Single or Double Opt-In & Opt-Out
  • Mass Add, Delete or Unsubscribe Contacts
  • Translation Ready
  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Fast Multi-Threaded Sending
  • Import Lists Without Re-Confirmation
  • Google Analytics
  • Google reCAPTCHA

Flawless Email Marketing Services

Most business owners are busy running their business. (Duh!) That’s why we offer turn-key Flawless Campaign Management Services.