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Flawless Website Maintenance

A website is not a brochure. Things break and content needs to be continually updated. That includes styling text; adding images, videos and audio, creating pop-up offers and coupons, etc. We do that!

If you have a Flawless Website, then it makes sense to get Flawless Website Maintenance Services.

Website maintenance is tricky. There are things to be done like resizing and optimizing images, creating email and phone links, and making content mobile responsive so it looks great on all devices. Need a new landing page created? Done! Need a new holiday offer coupon? Done! Whatever you need, we’re ready to make it happen.

Choose Monthly or One-Time services, then select how many hours you want. The rate for Flawless Maintenance Services is $75 per hour. Additional hours required to complete a request will be billed at the hourly rate. We will alert you when additional hours are required.

Unused Monthly Maintenance hours in any month rollover and are available in subsequent months for up to one year (12 months), then they expire. A new rollover cycle starts with each new year. This rollover model builds a set of available unused hours that can be used as needed.

Click here to read the Maintenance Services Agreement.

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