When you sell products and/or services online you are selling internationally. This means you must comply with the specific tax laws of a country where someone who buys from your website lives. This could obviously be very complicated and time consuming. Fortunately, it’s not with Quaderno.

With the Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision, states can tax out-of-state businesses that reach a certain amount of in-state sales. The tax law is called economic nexus. It means you need to monitor your sales in each of the 50 states to know if you owe any sales tax in any state.

You also need to monitor over 10,000 US tax rates to know what tax to charge. Each state has its own rate, and some have additional rates at the local levels.

Finally, you need to maintain detailed sales tax records. Each state requires an individual tax return with accurate data about the money you’ve collected from buyers who live there.

It’s really complicated.

Quaderno makes international tax compliance easy for businesses that sell online. Quaderno integrates seamlessly with Stripe, WooCommerce, and a slew of other popular apps. The service will also file your taxes with applicable states, counties, and municipalities worldwide.

What does Quaderno cost?

There’s a $29 per month Hobby Plan that covers less than 25 transactions per month; A $49 per month Startup Plan that covers up to 250 transactions per month; A $99 per month business plan that covers up to 1,000 transactions per month; A $ 149 per month Growth plan that covers up to 2,500 transactions per month; and a Enterprise plan that covers more that 2,500 transactions per month (pricing by request).

Quaderno tells us they are “Cheaper than a conflict with the tax office.” Which is quite believable. They also point out that the service “Pays for itself with the time you’ll save from a single tax filing.” Check out their blog for a bunch of useful information. Give Quaderno a try, and tell us what you think.