Starting Friday, November 27th.

Check it out the sale here:

Every year Elegant Themes puts on a 3-day Black Friday Sale event that’s packed with great discounts, deals, and prizes. If you own or manage a WordPress website, or you’re thinking about creating one, you can benefit greatly from the selection of plugins, themes, layouts, etc. offered during the Divi Black Friday Sale.

This year you can:

  • Win a 27 inch iMac
  • 50,000+ Free Prizes (to every customer)
  • Get up to 50% Off Divi Marketplace Deals
  • Download Exclusive Divi Theme Builder Packs
  • Get the biggest Divi Discount Ever

Why We Use Divi

The Divi theme powers most Flawless Websites. We chose Divi for these key reasons.

  1. No Coding Required – Our clients have businesses to run. They need a website to help them promote and sell online. And they need to be able to manage their site themselves. The Divi Visual Builder enables our clients to make edits without any coding skills.
  2. Power & Flexibility – Divi is easy to use for site owners with no coding skills, and it’s also fully flexible with a little HTML and CSS magic. This combination of simplicity and flexibility is unmatched in our opinion.
  3. Value – Divi delivers awesome features continually, elegant support, and all for a price that’s accessible to both boot strapping startups and high performing enterprises.