It’s easy to add Vimeo videos to a WordPress site, and the Divi theme’s awesome video modules… when you know how.

Recently, I refreshed the design of the BenchMark Management website. We decided to use a slider in the home page header, with background videos to highlight each of their service areas. Knowing the performance requirements of video, and wanting the video to play without any delay when the page is visited, I hosted the videos on Vimeo. The video links did not work.

After spending more than 40 minutes poking around I found the issue. I had the Vimeo “Plus” plan, which costs $7 per month. It turns out you need the “Pro” plan, which costs $20 per month, to get access to video links that will work when added to WordPress and Divi theme video player modules. I’m not going to go into the technical details as to why the other links don’t work because ultimately who cares? We just want to display our videos on our websites, right? Right!

That said, I will share my opinion that $7 per month (that’s $84 per year) is plenty to pay to be able to place your videos where you want them to appear. Not to mention that $20 per month (that’s $240 per year) is really a lot for small and micro businesses to pay just to play video content they have taken the time to produce. (I’m just saying.)

So here’s how to do it. Start by getting a “Pro” plan account on Vimeo. Next, upload your video(s). Then follow these directions.

Use Vimeo video in WordPress & Divi Pages & Posts

  1. Log into your Vimeo Account and click the title of a video to go to the Settings page for that video.
  2. Click the Distribution link. (Left-Sidebar Menu)
  3. Click Video file links (Under Distribution in the Left-Sidebar Menu)
  4. Click the Copy link link for the High def 1080 (mp4, 1920×1080) size video. Doing this copies the link to the video automatically for you.
  5. Paste the video link into your WordPress or Divi content.

This tutorial assume you will know where to place the video link. That will of course vary depending on what you’re placing the link into, what type of video placement you are doing (inline or background), etc.