Email marketing is essential for any business, but especially for small businesses. There are a lot of fine email marketing services out there. Some of the most popular include (in alphabetical order): Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Emma, and Mailchimp. There are also a few impressive newbies: Mailgun, Mailjet, and So which “The Best” email marketing service for your business?

The short answer to which is the best is… it depends on your requirements and your budget. So let’s dive into both of these key decision making areas. I’m going to break this down for beginners, but also frame things up in a way so even seasoned pros can get some fresh perspective and become aware of some new options.

What Are Your Email Marketing Requirements?


Email Marketing


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Social Media Marketing


Google Advertising


What Is Your Email Marketing Budget?


What/Who’s Your Target Market?






Market Size


Message Frequency


Lists & List Size

A list is a collection of contacts that you send emails to.

And The Winner Is…