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We created an event title image template file in Affinity Photo to be used for Amelia Booking plugin events. The template file dimensions are 1080px wide by 600px high and 150dpi. Click here to download the Affinity Photo template file.

Follow these directions to edit the Title and Sub-Text, and export a JPEG file for use in the Amelia Booking plugin.

Create/Edit Amelia Booking plugin event image

1. Open the Amelia Image Template file in Affinity Photo.

2. Double-click the main title text.

3. Select the main title text to highlight it, then type what you want for the main title.

4. Double-click the sub-text.

5. Select the sub-text to highlight it, then type what you want for the sub-text.

6. Click File > Export.

7. Select JPEG on the File Type select menu.

8. Enter 1080px into the first Size field. Be sure the link icon between the two Size fields is clicked and selected.

9. Enter 90 into the Quality field (or use the slider to set the value to 90).

10. Select Whole Document for the Area setting.

11. Click the Export button.

12. Enter a name for the new file you will save. Be sure to leave the .jpg at the end of the filename.

13. Select where you will save the file on your device.

14. Click the Export button to export and save the file.

Add image to Amelia event

1. Login to the site admin.

2. Go to Amelia > Events

3. Click an event to select it.

Customize an Amelia Booking plugin event.

4. Click the Customize tab.

Upload an image | WordPress Media Library window.

5. Click the + symbol box below the Event Gallery.

6. Click the Upload files tab.

7. Upload the file saved previously (see the steps above). Or, click the Media Library tab and select an image there.

8. Enter a Title and Description for the image.

9. Click the Select picture button.

Edit Amelia Booking event image.

10. Click the Save button.

That’s it. Enjoy!