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Forminator is an excellent WordPress forms plugin. Follow these steps to remove the default shadow hover effect on a forms submit button.

  1. Login to your WordPress site admin.
  2. Go to Forminator Pro > Forms
  3. Click to edit a form.
  4. Click the Appearance link (top-left).
  5. Scroll down and click the Enable Custom CSS toggle button.
  6. Paste the CSS code (see below) into the custom CSS field.
  7. Click the Update button (top-right) to save your edits.
  8. Click the Preview button (top-right) to preview the form.

The CSS Code:
button.forminator-button.forminator-button-submit {
-webkit-box-shadow: none !important;
-moz-box-shadow: none !important;
box-shadow: none !important;