Bespoke Nonprofit Website Design, Development, & Maintenance

Flawless Websites help nonprofits do three important things: 1) increase program/services participation, 2) increase donations, and 3) save time.

Features Nonprofit Websites Need To Promote, Engage, and Fundraise Online

Ready for a Flawless Websites experience? We design, develop, and help maintain secure full-featured nonprofit websites that can be self-managed.

The Steans Family Foundation - Our Staff Page | Another Flawless Website

Board & Staff Layouts

Beautifully designed Board and staff listings with or without images.

The Steans Family Foundation - Annual Report Page | Another Flawless Website

Annual Report Page

Annual report page layouts display multiple categories of content on a single page elegantly.

Forms, Polls & Quizes

Forms, Polls & Quizes

Build custom forms, polls and quizzes in minutes. Collect valuable feedback, build email lists, and engage site visitors.

The Baton Foundation - Events Page | Another Flawless Website

Events & Event Registration

List events or event calendars. Recurring & multi-day events, free or paid events, and virtual events with Zoom integration.

The Malone Center - Donations Page | Another Flawless Website

Online Donations

Easily create donation forms with advanced features: multi-level donations, donation campaigns, receipts, reporting, and more.

Flawless Websites Form Integration Features


Integrate your website forms with leading CRM, email marketing, and social media services and use marketing automation.

Flawless Websites SEO Features


Advanced SEO features including titles, metas, breadcrumbs, redirections, schemas, sitemaps, and a broken links checker.

Flawless Websites Hosting

Flawless Hosting

Flawless Website managed hosting takes care of regular systems updates and other nerd stuff so your site just works.

Flawless Websites Premium Features

Premium Features

Flawless Website come with premium features pre-installed: the Divi Theme, Amelia Booking, LearnDash, and more.

“Working with Ed and the Flawless Website team has been a phenomenal experience from beginning to end. Our new site is better than ever. We get compliments from external partners, clients, funders, and others on the look, the way the site is organized, the flow, and the content. And I am saving extreme amounts of time administering the new site.”

Christiana Vermeline
Malone | Lincoln, NE

“In response to an emergency, Flawless Websites got a new site up and running in one week. Just in time for our annual Gifts Of Love event. What’s truly amazing is the new site shows right at the top of Google searches. Thanks Flawless Websites!”

Kristy Goodwin
City Impact | Lincoln, NE

“Flawless Websites gave me a full-featured website. The site allows me to manage donations plus program and event registrations all by myself. I get unsolicited compliments on our website regularly. We’re growing, and the website is a key player in our future development.”

Anthony Knight
The Baton Foundation | Atlanta, GA

“They know what they are doing. Our site stays secure. Thanks Flawless Websites!”

News & Know-How

Create A Forminator 1-Line Opt-In Form

Create A Forminator 1-Line Opt-In Form

Create A 1-Line Opt-In Form with the Forminator forms plugin for WordPress. Follow these steps to create a 1-line email opt-in form; make the form responsive so it breaks onto 2-lines on small screens; and remove the default drop-shadow hover effect on form buttons.

How To Edit Amelia Booking Plugin Event Image

How To Edit Amelia Booking Plugin Event Image

We created an event title image template file in Affinity Photo to be used for Amelia Booking plugin events. The template file dimensions are 1080px wide by 600px high and 150dpi. Click here to download the Affinity Photo template file. Follow these directions to edit...

An Effective Approach For Nonprofit Marketing

An Effective Approach For Nonprofit Marketing

People are busy and they are looking for solutions to their problems. They don’t care about what you have to offer unless they feel you can solve their problem(s). Make The Marketing Translation An effective approach for nonprofit marketing communications, including...

Hide Field Character Limit Counters On Forminator Forms

Hide Field Character Limit Counters On Forminator Forms

Follow these simple steps to hide field character limit counters that appear by default on Forminator forms.   How To Hide Forminator Field Character Limit Counters:   Login to your WordPress site admin. Go to Forminator Pro > Forms Click to edit a form....

Use Unsplash Royalty Free Photos On Your Flawless Website

Use Unsplash Royalty Free Photos On Your Flawless Website

We’ve made it easy to search for and use gorgeous high-quality royalty free images on every Flawless Website. Unsplash Flawless website owners can insert royalty free images from Unsplash into site content. Search 1,000,000+ free images from Unsplash, the world's...

Remove Button Shadow In Forminator Forms

Remove Button Shadow In Forminator Forms

Forminator is an excellent WordPress forms plugin. Follow these steps to remove the default shadow hover effect on a forms submit button.   Login to your WordPress site admin. Go to Forminator Pro > Forms Click to edit a form. Click the Appearance link...

The Flawless Guide To File Types

The Flawless Guide To File Types

A lot of different file types are used to make a website. This is a handy reference guide to help you know and understand what these file types are and what they’re used for.

Simple, Fast & Powerful SEO For WordPress

Simple, Fast & Powerful SEO For WordPress

The whole point of having a website is for people to find you when they search online. Flawless Websites come with advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features so more people will find your website when they search online for what you offer. SEO is an essential...


Flawless Websites makes powerful and easy-to-use tools that help you plan and grow your website.

The 1-Hour Marketing Plan | How Many Impressions Do You Need?
The 1-Hour Marketing Plan

The 1-Hour Marketing Plan quickly calculates essential marketing metrics that tell you precisely how many impressions and conversions you need to achieve your online marketing goals. It’s well designed and easy to use.

On Sale Now: $9.99

3x3 Marketing Campaign Grid for Email (Awareness Phase)
The 3x3 Marketing Campaign Grid

Create a complete marketing campaign with just 9 messages. The 3×3 Marketing Campaign Grid delivers three targeted campaign messages across three audience engagement phases: Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion. Develop content for emails, social media posts, and marketing videos. Perfect for startups and small budget campaigns.

On Sale Now: $9.99